A Guide to Trikonasana – Simple and Easy


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This posture is called Trikonasana as your body shape is similar to the triangle in mathematics while doing Trikonasana. Trikonasana is a posture that brings the body into three different angles at the same time and helps to maintain the normal functioning of the whole body.

Sitting and working out has led to many problems related to overweight and waist nowadays. Sedentary work causes many digestive problems. Triangulation allows us to overcome all these problems.

In this article, we will look at the proper method of Trikonasana, its precautions, and its benefits.

Method of Trikonasana

  • First, stand on the yoga mat in a cautious position.
  • The distance between the two legs should be three to four feet, or the distance between the legs should be as high as possible.
  • Turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right.
  • When doing this, make sure that the heel of the right foot and the arch of the left foot are in line.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the body weight is the same on both legs.
  • Slowly keep both hands parallel to the ground in the line of the shoulders.
  • Keep the right hand on the ankle of the right foot or the back of the right foot, with the body bent to the right side of the waist as much as possible without leaning forward.
  • The left hand should be straight towards the sky the chest should be tense and the eye should be on the palm of the left hand.
  • The eye should be steady. Both knees should be stiff and focused.
  • Keep breathing slow and focus on breathing.
  • Then take a deep breath and slowly lift the body up to the right side. And return to normal.
  • Then turn the left leg 90 degrees to the left and repeat the above action.

The benefits of Trikonasana

Benefits of doing Trikonasana

♦ Sit-ups help reduce belly, abdomen, and thigh fat.

♦ Strengthens the chest, knees, arms, legs, and ankles.

♦ The thighs, joints, muscles, spine, and ape bones become flexible.

♦ Regular practice of Trikonasana helps to reduce the discomfort caused by wind and it does not occur over time.

♦ Unnecessary fears get rid of such problems. It helps in maintaining physical and mental balance.

Care to be taken while Trikonasana

  1. People with neck pain, back pain, and diarrhea should not do this asana.
  2. Even those with low blood pressure, sciatica should avoid doing this asana or do it on the advice of a trainer.
  3. People with high blood pressure can use this seat with their hands up and down without stress.

The method of breathing

Breathing should be normal while sitting.
Bring the body back to normal by taking a deep breath while returning to normal.

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