Benefits Of Himalaya Trikatu Tablet

Himalaya Trikatu Tablet Ingredients

  • Trikatu

Assists in digestion and promotes appetite.

Benefits Of Himalaya Trikatu Tablet

The active constituents present in Trikatu, Piperine, and Gingerols, stimulate the digestive enzymes responsible for healthy digestion.

The herbs stimulate the liver to secrete bile, which is essential for fat digestion and absorption.

Trikatu relieves abdominal bloating and belching by soothing and calming the digestive system.

The herb helps in absorbing nutrients from food.

Can Be Used In –

  1. Indigestion
  2. Belching
  3. Abdominal bloating
  4. Loss of appetite

Dosage of Himalaya Trikatu Tablet

Take 1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by your doctor.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consult a physician before using the product.

Price Of Himalaya Trikatu Tablet

MRP:  165.00 for 60 Tablets

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