The Akarna Dhanurasana: A Yoga Pose For Beginners

What is Akarna Dhanurasana?

The prefix ‘a’ means ‘side’, and ‘Karna’ means ‘ear’. ‘Dhanu’ means ‘bow’. It is called akarn dhanurasana because of the shape of your body that looks like a stretched arrow on a bow while doing akarn dhanurasana.

Method of making Akarna Dhanurasana

  1. When doing Akarna Dhanurasana, first spread your legs on the yoga mat and sit quietly.
  2. Bend the left leg at the knee and place it on the thigh of the right leg.
  3. The left hand should hold the toe of the right foot and the right hand should hold the toe of the left foot placed on the right thigh.
  4. Apply the left leg near the right ear with a little bit of tension.
  5. Wait as long as possible in this sitting position.
  6. Now lower your legs, lower your arms and sit still for a while.
  7. Then do the same seat on the other side.

Benefits of Aakarn Dhanurasana – Aakarn Dhanurasana information (aakarn dhanurasan in marathi) is given as follows

Advantages of Aakarn Dhanurasana

♦ Stretching the arm muscles while drawing an archer strengthens the muscles.

♦ Stress on the legs, back, waist, and chest makes them stronger and stronger.

♦  Exercise the abdominal organs well.

♦ Reduces asthma and cough.

The method of breathing

Take a deep breath and bring your feet close to your ears.
Breathing should be regular while sitting.
Then exhale and return to normal.

Care to be taken while bowing

Since Aakarna Dhanurasana is very difficult, it should be done carefully while sitting or with the advice of an instructor.
Do not rush while sitting, give as much stress as you can, don’t give too much stress.
Although the toe does not come close to the right ear during the initial asana, it will be possible with regular practice.


If you are looking for a way to increase your fitness, you may want to consider an attractive bow. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. The next time you are in class, look at this seat and ask your instructor if you can try.

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