The Benefits Of Himalaya Hadjod Tablet: A Detailed Guide.

Benefits of Himalaya Hadjob Tablet

Recently published research has shown that this powerful herb can also promote bone health, reduce joint pain, and protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Cissus quadrangularis extracts and powders have been used for many years to accelerate the healing of bones and tissues, as an analgesic, to treat infections, as an anabolic and to aid in weight loss and weight management.

Ingredients of Himalaya Hadjod Tablet

  • Asthisamhar
  1. Hadjod or Asthisamhara is a plant known for its medicinal properties especially when it comes to bone and joint health.
  2. Hadjod tablets contain asthisamhara (Cissus quadrangularis) stem extract, an herbal supplement traditionally used by Ayurveda to strengthen bones. Hadjod contains quadrangularins A, B, and C

According to Ayurveda, the consumption of jiggera with ghee or a cup of milk prevents bone aging by providing the bones with fat and oil by its balancing properties of Vata and Snigdha (fat content), thereby preventing osteoporosis.

Hadjod from Himalaya has shown tremendous results in naturally restoring lost minerals and other essential nutrients due to the problem of osteoporosis; it increases bone strength and bone density that reduces symptoms of osteoporosis when consumed regularly or as prescribed by a bone fracture specialist

Hadjod can be used to accelerate recovery from bone fractures because of its properties of stimulating bone regeneration and improving blood circulation, which help reduce the bone fracture recovery process.

Dosage Of Himalaya Hadjod Tablet

However, if you are taking more than one product a day, you should check with your doctor. This medication can be taken for 6 to 8 weeks as recommended by your doctor.

Benefits Of Himalaya Hadjod Tablet

The herb relieves pain and inflammation associated with fractures and helps make the chemical composition of broken and weak bones. According to the academic texts of this centuries-old practice of Indian medicine, hadjod has shown strong properties in repairing bone fractures.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts praise the healing properties of Hajjod for fractures and other bone ailments. Because Hajod is rich in vitamin C which helps to lift cells of the body, helps to strengthen bones, improves calcium absorption and can help manage bone metabolism thanks to the other vitamins contained in Hajjod. The Himalaya Drug Company Hadjod capsules are manufactured by Hadjod and are used for weak bones and bone fractures.

Hadjod capsule is a patented Ayurvedic medicine, manufactured by the Himalaya Drug Company. It has been used for 5000 years in Ayurveda for its powerful fracture healing properties and is used by bodybuilders in supplements and has beneficial effects as it strengthens bones and joints.

According to Ayurvedic tradition, this herb helps heal broken or damaged bones. I remember using this product when I had two fractures within six months, fractures, delayed fracture fractures, osteoporotic fractures, stress fractures. It is indicated for intestinal parasites, Vata Kapha horn, fractures, and joint pains.

The juices work in synergy to promote faster fracture healing and pain relief from joint diseases thus justifying the classical Sanskrit name “Asthisamharaka” which literally translates to “chiropractor” or “that protects the bone from destruction” Steroids help to increase the rate of fracture healing by affecting the early regeneration of all the connective tissues involved in healing and accelerating callus mineralization.

In fact, an 11-week study found that giving Cissus quadrangularis to osteoporotic mice helped reduce bone loss, speed fracture healing, and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis (4). A study of 9 people found that taking 500 mg of Cissus quadrangularis for 6 weeks helped to speed the healing of jawbone fractures.

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Price of Himalaya Hadjod Tablet

60 Tablet –  162 Rs


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