The Ultimate Guide To Doing gomukhasana Yoga Properly

The gomukhasana yoga pose is a beginner’s level posture that is known for its challenging nature. It stretches the calves, thighs, hips, and shoulders and helps to improve the balance and improve the flexibility of the spine. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to do the gomukhasana yoga pose properly so that you can reap all of its benefits.

What is Gomukhasana?

Gomukhasan is a Sanskrit word. The name Gomukhasan is a combination of the words ‘go’ and ‘mukhasana’ Gomukhasana is called cow face pose in English.

Go means “cow”, mukhasana means “seat like cow’s mouth”. While doing Gomukhasan, your body shape looks like the face of a cow, hence it is called Gomukhasan. This seat is very easy to do.

This is a very popular seat in the Hatha Yoga category. Let us know the method and benefits of Gomukhasan as follows

Method of doing Gomukhasana
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Method of doing Gomukhasan

  • Before doing Gomukhasana, first, go to an open or ventilated place and sit in Padmasana on a yoga mat.
  • First, pull the right leg closer to the body. The heel of the right foot should be placed on the left side of the buttocks.
  • The left leg should be placed on the thigh of the right leg from above the body. Do as shown in the figure above.
  • Now bend your right hand at an angle and bring it close to the shoulder, and stretch it backwards as much as possible.
  • Bend the left arm at an angle to the side of the abdomen and move it towards the right arm.
  • Try to twist the fingers of both hands with as much tension as possible. (Stress as much as possible)
  • The upper body and the head should be straight and erect.
  • In this sitting position, pause for a while and breathe slowly.
  • When in this position, when it seems difficult, return to the previous position.
  • Leaving the grip of the hand, lower the arm straight and bring the left leg down from the right leg to the previous position.

Tip – Obese people or those who have knee problems can do this asana with their knees bent.

There are several benefits to using Gomukhasan. The method and benefits of Gomukhasan are as follows. Let’s look at the right way to do Gomukhasana. Now let’s know the benefits of Gomukhasana

Benefits of Gomukhsana

♦ Gomukhasana strengthens the muscles of arms, legs, and thighs.

♦ Gomukhasana is very important for women. This seat is very useful for losing weight and making the body more beautiful.

♦ This asana is a boon for people with asthma and also provides relief from all respiratory ailments.

♦ Regular practice of this asana increases the strength of the lungs, thus increasing their efficiency and helping to keep you away from many ajars.

♦ This seat is useful for preventing constipation and hemorrhoids. If we do this asana regularly, we can avoid getting this disease.

♦ Regular practice of Gomukhasana always stimulates the pancreas so we can get rid of a terrible disease like diabetes.

♦ Regular practice of this asana can also overcome pain like rheumatism.

Care to be taken while doing Gomukhasan

Do not put too much strain on the hand as much as possible while twisting the fingers of both hands while doing Gomukhasan.
If you have back problems, arthritis, neck pain, or hemorrhoids, do not do this asana, or do it on the advice of a doctor.
Pregnant women should not do this asana for the first three months.
If you have experience before doing this asana or do it with the advice of an instructor.


If you are looking for a way to increase your fitness, you may want to consider Gomukhasana. This can be an effective and safe way to build strength and endurance while improving flexibility when done properly. The next time you are in class, look at this seat and ask your instructor if you can try.

Before practicing any asana, it is necessary to know its proper method, otherwise you will not get the full benefit of the asana.

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