The Ultimate Guide To Doing Paschimottanasana: Everything You Need To Know

Paschimottanasana is one of the sitting postures.

Paschimottanasana is an intense back-bending yoga pose that stretches the spine, hips, and hamstrings. The name paschimottanasana translates to “forward bending over the west” in Sanskrit, referring to the direction of the pose. This pose is a great way to challenge your flexibility and open up your hips and hamstrings.

What is Paschimottanasan?

The name Paschimottasana is a combination of the words Paschim and Uttan. It does not mean ‘west direction’ but the back. The west is the middle part of the back and the north is called ‘stretched’ so it is called Paschimottanasan.

Practicing Paschimottanasana causes tension in the back of the body, i.e. the spine. Although Paschimottanasana may seem easy, it is a little difficult to do, so it should be done with the advice of a trainer.

Method of doing Paschimottanasana


  • When doing Paschimottanasana, first sit on the mat with both legs straight and extended.
  • There should be no gap between the two legs.
  • The spine, neck, and eyes should be stiff.
  • Now take a deep breath, bend the body a little forward and try to hold the toes or toes without bending the legs at the knees.
  • Try to keep the knees straight and the forehead bent at the knees.
  • Try to touch the ground with the elbows bent at the shoulders.
  • Exhale, relax the body, stay in the sitting position for some time.
  • Restore after a few seconds.
  • Do the same seat 3-4 times.

Benefits of Paschimottanasana

♦ Paschimottanasana stretches the spine a lot, so it helps to keep the spine flexible and strong.

♦ Pressure on the abdomen and pelvis, so gas or stomach problems are eliminated.

♦ This seat is very beneficial for women, people with diabetes, and high blood pressure.

♦ Regular practice of Paschimottanasana helps in increasing digestion and also eliminates many problems related to irregular menstruation in women.

♦ The restlessness of the mind decreases and concentration increases and the mind stays calm.

♦ Proper practice of Paschimottanasana tends to stretch the abdominal and back muscles, so this asana helps in reducing the fat in the area.

Care to be taken while paschimottaasana

  1. People with back pain should not do this asana.
  2. People with constipation, hernia, etc. should not do this asana.
  3. Do not force while sitting, stress as much as possible. This is because putting too much stress on the limbs can lead to injury to the bones or limbs.
  4. This seat should be done if you know about it or with the advice of an instructor.


If you are looking for a way to increase your fitness, you may want to consider taking a Western approach. This can be an effective and safe way to build strength and endurance while improving flexibility when properly completed. The next time you are in class, look at this seat and ask your instructor if you can try.

Before practicing any asana, it is necessary to know its proper method, otherwise, you will not get the full benefit of the asana.

पश्चिमोत्तानासान (paschimottasana)  In Marathi

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