Invokana 100 Tablet: Uses, Dosage, and Considerations

Type 2 diabetes mellitus can be treated with Invokana 100mg Tablet alone or in combination with other medications. This medication lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics. Diabetes complications are reduced and heart disease is also prevented.

Invokana 100

Canagliflozin (100mg)
Johnson & Johnson Ltd

Dosage Of Invokana 100 Tablet

┬áIt can be taken with or without food at any time of day, but you should try to take it at the same time every day. Consult your doctor about the appropriate dose. Avoid stopping all medications without a doctor’s advice.
Your blood sugar levels may rise, putting you at risk of serious complications like kidney damage and blindness. Taking this medicine is only one component of a comprehensive treatment plan, which should also include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and weight loss as recommended by your doctor.

Side Effects Of Tablet Invokana 100

Fungal infections of the vagina, urinary tract infections, and frequent urges to urinate are among the most common side effects of this medicine. The body may lose too much water. Stay hydrated.

A good hygiene routine can help prevent fungal infections in the genital area.

Precautions to be taken

Tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, a urinary tract infection, or if you are taking water pills (diuretics).

Consult your doctor before taking this medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Drinking excessive alcohol while taking it may increase the risk of developing some side effects.

Check your blood sugar levels regularly while taking it.

Substitutes for Invokana 100 tablet

Sulisent 100mg Tablet
Manufacturer USV Ltd
Prominad Tablet
Manufacturer Cipla Ltd

Price of Invokana 100 Tablet

590RS for 10 Tablets

That’s it For Tablet Invokana 100mg

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