What is Shirshasana? and Benefits Of Shirshasana

What is Shirshasana?
Shirshasana is called the king of seats. The top is the ‘head’. This asana is done by standing upside down on the head and maintaining the balance of the whole body, hence it is called Shirshasana. The headstand is called the headstand pose in English.

Shirshasana is considered to be a very easy seat but it is just as difficult to do. Let’s find out then Shirshasana.

The right way to Shirshasana

Benefits Of Shirshasana

Methods to do Shirshasana

  • First of all, place the mattress on the bed and place your fingers on the mat with your hands intertwined.
  • The forehead should be placed on the ground and the claws of the hands should be placed in such a position that the head is supported from the outside.
  • Slowly balance the body, straighten the legs, lift the back and the lumbar region, move the torso towards the head, and straighten the body.
  • After reaching this position, stay still for 1-3 minutes (or as long as possible for the body). If you practice regularly, it will work even if you sit for a long time.
  • Breathe deeply while in this sitting position.
  • When restoring, first bend the knees and bring them close to the abdomen and lean on the ground side by side.
  • Slowly sit in this position for a few seconds.
  • Do this asana 2-3 times.
  • Shavasana should be done after asana.

The benefits of Shirshasana

♦ Shirshasana increases the blood supply to the brain so they can eliminate many brain-related problems and help in improving memory.

♦ It helps a lot in maintaining the balance of the body so the mind stays energized.

♦ Shirshasana increases blood flow to the brain. It calms the mind and helps in relieving stress.

♦ Regular Shirshasana solves many problems related to hair loss. It is important to note that regular practice of this asana strengthens the skull and improves its health.

♦ This posture is very useful to prevent diabetes so it is necessary to do this posture to stay away from diabetes. Doing this posture stimulates the pancreas and helps to regulate insulin secretion.

♦ Shirshasana helps to eliminate many sexual problems so we can enjoy sex life more.

♦ Can also overcome uterine-related disorders, and visual impairment.

♦ Helps to get rid of many digestive problems like indigestion, bile, gas, etc.

Care to be taken while Doing Shirshasana

  • If you are suffering from neck pain or any other problem, you should avoid Shirshasana.
  • The stomach should be clean, and empty before doing the head posture, and the seat should be done early in the morning.
  • They should avoid this asana if they have diabetes, eye problems, ear ailments, or headaches.
  • Women should not do headstands during menstruation and during pregnancy.
  • In the beginning, if you do the seat, you can do it by leaning against the wall.
  • When returning to the seat, move too slowly.

The method of breathing

Take a deep breath while keeping the body straight, then breathe regularly and return to normal.

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